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No matter what, your nails will look good!

How Different is That From the Standard Nail Polish Experience?

With regular polish, you can expect roughly one week of staying power (even under optimal conditions) and even less time if you wash your hands often or expose them to different cleansers and experiences each day. However, the standard nail polish is something you can do easily at home if you have the time and a steady hand. While gels take minutes to cure, a regular polish can require 20 minutes or more.

Keep in mind that a regular polish is something you can quickly apply yourself, or you can head to your salon for a more detailed and professional finish. This will often include a base coat, three layers of lacquer and a top coat. The expert can shape the nails and give a great look – including French manicure styles.

Normal nail polish is a lacquer where the ingredients been refined over the years to protect nails against drying out and cracking. The gels are notorious for damaging the nails, with one physician going so far as to write about their risks, including the exposure to certain allergens, acetone (for removal) and damage due to the constant filing and abrading before application.

So, regular nail polish is safer and even healthier for the nails, but simply takes a longer period of time to apply and does not last as long.

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The Issue of Gel Removal

There is also the problem of removing gel nail polish on your own. It takes a lot of careful prep and the following steps:

- Begin in a space with more than enough ventilation. The process needs acetone and you should never inhale this for long stretches of time without full ventilation

- Rough the top layer of the gel with a nail file

- Protect the skin around each nail from the acetone remover by coating the skin with cuticle oil

- Soak cotton balls in the acetone to ensure you have enough to dissolve the gel polish

- Place a soaked ball on each nail and be sure it is covered fully, then wrap finger tips in foil to ensure full contact.

- Allow to sit for at least 15 minutes and then remove the foil and cotton and use wooden manicure sticks to help remove the remaining gel

- Once free of all polish, soak the finger tips in coconut oil to provide hydration and anti-bacterial benefits. Finish with cuticle oil, and allow the nails to remain untreated for a few days afterward.

Which Is Right For You?

Again, it is a personal matter. While you might opt for natural nails with gel polish or acrylics topped with regular polish, the choice should be based on your realities.

For example, if you are unlikely to spend a lot of time heading to and from a salon, it is likely that the acrylics aren’t for you. If you have no problem popping in for quick fixes, touch ups and fill-ins, then you may enjoy the distinct look that acrylics and/or gel polishes provide.

Naturally, time is a factor, too. Those who use gel nail polish and acrylics find that these processes are faster going on, but being removed can take a very long time. Both can also have a toll on the overall health of the nails.

Natural nails and regular polish, on the other hand, are the least damaging to the nail and its health. However, it is not a zero-maintenance choice. Natural nails are more prone to damage, cracking and chipping. Even if treated with polish, they can still sustain problems.

In the end, you may want to give the acrylics and the gel polishes a try. See if you like the way they look and feel, if they work with your lifestyle and fit into your budget. No matter what, your nails will look good!




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