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Taking the time to care for your nails gives you a sense of achievement. Whether you spend an hour or two at a salon or simply paint your own nails at home, there is something about having perfectly manicured nails that makes us feel happy. Around 60% of women have their nails done on a regular basis, but is nail care truly necessary? Some people may consider nail care to be a luxury, but it turns out that it may help decide the health of your entire body, as well as the health of your hands. Every day, we need our hands for everything! Malnutrition, kidney disease, liver disease, and other health issues can all be detected by looking at your nails.

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Consider the nails on your fingers and toes as small shields that protect the tissue beneath them; since they're not treated healthy, the tissue beneath them becomes exposed to infection. If the color of your nails is consistent and the texture is smooth, you can consider them healthy. Adults should cut their nails at least once a week to avoid bacteria being trapped beneath the nail and causing infection. Hangnails should also never be ripped, but rather cut using regular clippers.

Also, remember to moisturize your nails on a routine basis and clean underneath them in the shower. Also, if you work with cleaning products or other chemicals frequently, wear gloves to avoid softening your nails.

So, the next time you feel bad about getting your nails done, remember that you are helping to improve your general health!